Mission & Vision


  • GIMAS Inc. Strengthening the image, reinforcing the reliability of the economical quality
  • To develop the international strategic links / partnerships that have been established so far
  • To be a technological pioneer, ability to sell know-how, to present new horizons to our customers
  • Making institutionalization permanent
  • To strengthen the management strategy with OBJECTIVES based on the total quality with transparency and sharing.
  • Ensure the right resource management and the most efficient use of the all resources
  • Following innovations, ensuring continuous development, giving importance to research and development
  • Constantly adapting and using production, sales and information technologies according to the current contidions. 
  • Being customer-focused (meet expectations, and meet the satisfaction with after sales service)
  • To reach the absolute success in competition.
  • Support our brand with marketing and promotional activities
  • To create quality and environmental products
  • Supplier, integration and parallel development to maximize utility in the production and sales chain
  • Establishing a family union that sees people as a resource, creating a climate and safe working environment in which all employees will be happy and peaceful
  • To bring quality costs into a measurable state and reduce them, to reduce customer complaints to zero.
  • In line with the principle of understanding that takes care of the environment with an institutional structure, identity and systematic work, shows the necessary precautions for workers’ health and safety, takes the necessary precautions, constantly renews and develops itself from the technical point of view; to provide timely production activities with professional work and error-free methods, equipment, and expert personnel are involved.
  • In order to achieve this vision, to ensure participation of all factory employees, to overcome environmental and business security, to be sensitive, always to make remedial suggestions, to intervene in all unsafe insults and actions within the factory boundaries by acting in a team spirit.



  • By making GIMAS an indispensable global brand and to be the best employer in the sector which our employees and our country will be proud of.
  • According to the conditions of today, GİMAS A.Ş. to compete without sacrificing the principles of environmental protection and to take its place in the sector as an organization that gives importance to its name also its workers.
  • To provide the safest and most healthy working environment within the GIMAS A.Ş facility.